Monday, April 12, 2010

Unsung heroes (and heroines)

So, I have heard this over and over..."WOW!!! How do you do it all?" Well, folks, I'm nothing special. I'll tell you how it is done. Enter this story's heroine...the Mercy NICU nurse. These people are fantastic! I have come to the conclusion that they really have the toughest job I can think of. Every day, these nurses are put in charge of tiny pieces of people's hearts and lives. They are given the awesome responsibility to care for the tiniest of tiny, and they are nothing short of amazing.

Every day, around 3 PM, I walk out of this hospital, leaving a piece of myself in the trusting hands of the NICU nurses. Can you imagine this responsibility? They understand that when mommies can't be here, they are the voices of these babies. They feed them, clean them, and cuddle them. Every Thursday, when Luke is one week older, I bring them treats. They can't figure out when I have time to do it, but what they don't understand is that it is the least I can do for them since they have taken such good care of Luke. These women (and men) are the real heroes to me. Without them, we would not have the blessing of baby Luke! Thank you NICU nurses (and enjoy all your treats!)!!!

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