Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So, I believe you should be passionate about everything you do in life. If you run, run passionately. If you cook, cook passionately. If you ride a scooter, do it with some passion, for crying out loud. There are several things I am passionate about, and here they are.

1. My children-I never understood the momma bear syndrome until I held my children. I'll post their stories later, but the moment Emalie was placed in my arms as ours officially, Momma Bear set in. I try to rear my children with the same passion that my parents raised my brother, sisters, and me with. When they want to be involved in something, we are all involved. If they hurt, I hurt.

2. My husband- I love my husband with everything I have. Things have been hard on us for the last several months, between home and the hospital, but he has been a rock. He has taken care of things when I have not been able to. He has taken care of me when I was an emotional wreck. Seeing him with his children chokes me up. He's amazing.

3. My family- I have a great family...great siblings all raised by great parents. If I can be half the momma my MoomooKitty was to me, I'll succeed in raising my children. My mom is amazing. She is a victim of chronic pain in her foot, yet you'd never know it. She keeps going and is not going to let a foot keep her down. She plays...which I think is so important and I need to start doing more of myself.

4. My job- I love my job. I love teaching kids just a small piece of information. I hope at least one of them will decide to be a teacher because of having been in my class. I like the team I work with, but that's not why I teach (and we ALL know it's NOT for the money). I teach because I love those kids. Many of them don't have parents that talk to them, so in a way, us teachers take the place of their parents. I have to have passion to take on some of the kiddos I have.

5. Weather- My husband doesn't understand this one. I LOVE the weather. It terrifies me, but I LOVE it. There is something so mysterious about tornadoes and thunderstorms. It's a science experiment every time. You never know really what they will give you. Everytime there is a flash of lightning, the thunder is like a present! How big will it be!? I had never seen, much less experienced, a tornado before moving here. I am amazed by them! So, I will remain glued to the TV if severe weather is coming. Mostly because i'm passionate about it, but this also refers back to #1.

6. Doing something for me- I started running before I had Luke and enjoyed it. I was finally getting into it when I got pregnant. I started running again this morning and it felt GREAT! I am looking forward to my first-post-last-child-5K! I love to scrapbook. I like crochetting. Sometimes I like to curl up in a corner and read. And I love starbucks. That is always something for me. So...with that being said, I"m going to go get one just for me!

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