Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tales from Luke's crib

Boy! It has been a long week! I have had more appointments than any little one I know! I have gone to the "cardilologist" or something like that. He said that he doesn't see any obvious reason for my high blood pressure...well, OBVIOUSLY he doesn't live in my house! My brothers and sisters are all the reason a boy needs! It's constant noise. They way I understand it, they are going to help me sleep so they can look at my heart better. Dr. Overholt said something about a wayward artery...hmmmm. I think they are looking at my kidneys as well. Don't they know that my kidneys are just fine! They are the reason my amniotic fluid got as high as it did! If they would let a boy sleep instead of squeezing my legs, my blood pressure would be just fine!

Dr. Harmon saw me today. I weigh 6.5 lbs and am following some growth chart thingy great! Well, let me tell you...I'm not one to follow anything, I LEAD! (case in point...did I follow nurses? No, No, I figured out how to get them to come to me!) She thinks I can be off my oxygen within a month. I'm sick of having this thing in my nose, so I'm hoping for a couple weeks! Then, she sent me to get my feet poked again! She says she needs to make sure I'm making enough stuff in my blood. Of course, I am (at least I think so anyway). Hopefully they don't have to give me more blood of someone elses.

I got to see Brooke and Lena yesterday! Dr. Reddy even came to see me and checked my head. Ms. Brooke says it was a habit but I think Dr. Reddy misses me! I really liked snuggling with Lena too. I miss those nurses.

Mom says I have been fussy every morning, starting at 230 and going until 730. Mom has decided it is NOT cool! She said she's tired...that was my plan. I just figure I need some attention during that time. She thinks I need sleep. Well, I gotta run. It's time to eat and I might even get a brownie that Mommy made! I'll check you all next week! Thomason OUT!

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