Thursday, March 18, 2010

Following through

The truth is, I'm horrible about following through with things. I have a hard time doing it with my children at home, my students at school, and others around me. I probably won't follow through with this blog either. Sure, it'll be entertaining for a while, but then life will get busy and I'll get bored with it. This is the way things go in my life. I start with really good intentions, but then things get boring to me. Maybe I need more stimulation than the computer can provide. The only thing I have REALLY followed through on is coming to the NICU daily to check on the little Thomason that makes us the "Thomason 6" and my marriage to my husband (I think I have even slacked in that a little). I have always been this way. When I was a kid, the bunny was great (at the beginning), but I hated walking outside to feed it. Eventually, my parents fed it. In college, calculus was great, until I got bored with it (my parents didn't bail me out of that one...I failed the course). My geology course was a total bore, so I didn't do the homework (managed to pass that one I love the subject, but wish I had paid more attention). I have the best intentions to start an agenda at the beginning of every school year so I can keep all my dates straight. I make it through the first month, the fall behind on it. The point is, life keeps happening. Unfortunately, this also means I fall behind in friendships. It WASN'T my fault that the 1/2 marathon didn't happen though. I got pregnant. That, of course, was the ONLY reason I didn't run that (that and the early morning training runs...but I'm going to start back up on Monday!). I am going to commit to follow through on ONE thing. I'm walking for the march of dimes in May. I need to raise money, but that is not what this post is about (see later post). I have also followed through on bringing snacks every Thursday for the nurses at Mercy Hospital. Why Thursdays? See later post about Luke. So...I'm following least until I get bored...........

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